Video: Black Lips-Boys In the Wood

The Black Lips and Thee Oh Sees are similar in a whole bunch of ways-two of my favourite garage bands, always pushing forth a unique brand of rock n roll, amazing live shows. But they also tie together in that they barely ever make music videos, but when they do, they produce some of the best shit known to man

I’m not kidding, the clip for new track ‘Boys In the Wood’ is amongst the best music videos I’ve ever seen, in my entire life. I’m actually hoping they turn this into a full length movie of some sorts, soundtracked only by The Black Lips, The Cramps, Diarrhea Planet and other dirty rock n roll bands from the wastelands of America.

Why is this video so essential? It’s like a mix of the pre-vampire action of From Dusk ‘Til Dawn’ in the Titty Twister and the gypsy scenes from Snatch. However, its all played in a horror-filled, terrifying gangster vision filtered through a murderous red plaster. A bunch of Riff-Raff imitators take turns taking hits of a homemade crack pipe, there’s some nonchalant narcolepsy, and a shitty drug dealer gets his head completely smouldered by a baseball bat. All done with unflattering graphic detail. If you think Quentin Tarantino is for pussies, you need to watch this video immediately.


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