Album Review (s): The Noise Figures + No Monster Club + The Perms + perth + $CVM

There are actually too many albums that are too good to not review, and spread the word about. My life has become an existensial crisis of to review or not to review. My Year 11 English teacher would be so proud, quoting Hamlet like I know it or some shit. Anyway, onto the albums that are amazing.

The Noise Figures-The Noise Figures

You know who The Noise Figures remind me of? The Black Angels. Only, instead of going on weird tangents that occur for 50% of the Angels’ songs, The Noise Figures cut the bullshit to two/three minute spiels of gorgeous garage-psych. They just ooze a natural prescence of cool, like they’re band was made up of Dan Auberach, Kim Deal, Jack White and Courtney Taylor-Taylor. Actually, thats a pretty good description of the vibes you get on the record: Dandys-cum-Black Keys-cum-Breeders-cum-White Stripes. That immediacy and simple fun that came so readily during the ‘New Wave’ of garage bands in the early 2000’s has been lost in recent time, replaced by dreary hipsterisms. But there’s no short of it from The Noise Figures. It’d be unfair to pick any one song from the album and go into great detail, because honestly, all the songs are jam-packed tunes that scream ‘We’re a young band, having a fuck load of fun’. The purity that radiates from the tracks is intoxicating, and frankly, if you can’t get into at least one song on the album, then you need to put down the Nietzsche, go the fuck outside and play some of that awesome Noise Figures.

No Monster Club-Foie Gras

Now, when you name your album after a dish that requires a liver…well, let’s just say that’s a ballsy move. I can’t really work out the deal with No Monster Club-they’re a good band, but not necessarily my thing. Regardless, ‘Foie Gras’ is a good album, so I’m inclined to spread the word about them.

Their sound is akin to good-times relationship-centric bands like The Airborne Toxic Event and Los Campesinos! That’s an immediately good thing, for if you’re going to be an indie rock band, those are pretty good idols to have. But luckily, the majority of No Monster Club’s songs are at the level of which those other bands peaked, and even in some cases, such as ‘La La Land’ and the adorably tropical ‘I Wanna Be Brainwashed’, the songwriting surpasses their heroes.

Look, there’s no doubt that No Monster Club are a fun band. Their songs are catchy, their rife with hooks and the light-hearted nature of their tunes allows their album to spin along at a giddy and enjoyable pace. Of all the indie rock bands that I could’ve reviewed, these guys are undoubtedly one of the better ones.

The Perms-The Aberdeen EP

Again, the subject is indie rock, but this one’s a little more wild and Cage the Elephant-y. Hell, the EP is called ‘Aberdeen’, which is the title of one of Cage the Elephant’s better songs. Although fun-loving like No Monster Club, its a very different sort of fun, the kind that says lets go drink a fuck load of whisky and go see the reformed Sex Pistols play a shitty set, and then let’s yell obscenities at them. The chorus are full and coarse, almost a little brutal. If Lynyrd Skynyrd were still around today (or are they? who cares) and were fronted by Dave Grohl, you’d get something along the lines of The Perms. Songs like ‘The Parent Thing’ force themselves into your conciousness with simple and polished power hooks that sink into your mind with an instantly likeable twang. You can get ‘The Aberdeen EP’ from CD Baby right here.

 perth-What’s Your Utopia?

I remember playing ‘Drank and Kites and Tomorrow’ from the band perth (with a lower case ‘p’ nonetheless, just to fuck over grammar Nazi’s. You’re move ∆lt-j) on the radio the other day and simply falling in love with it. Smooth, textured and simply loving electronica/psych music with a little bit extra to it, some meat that I couldn’t quite figure out no matter how much I chewed.All up, its better just to swallow it rather than ponder on the obscure ‘it’ factor that makes perth so goddamn delicious to listen to. It switches effortlessly between a bunch of genres, but always treads lovingly on the path of indie electronic music. If Four Tet were to swallow a bunch of Toro Y Moi bleach and overdose on some Washed Out pills, you’d get the sort of disturbed, tranquil and gorgeous feel of perth’s ‘What’s Your Utopia?’ album. From start to finish, the whole thing reeks of being amazingly talented. Fuck this Arcade Fire bullshit, if you want some indie music that’s tied down solidly with electronic pulses, listen to perth.


A solid thankyou to my man in Amsterdam Clancina for finding this stunner of an album for me. Imagine if Death Grips were overtaken by MF DOOM. Those super slow, super hypnotic beat-centric instrumentals that were made for love-making, crossed with an attitude of abrasiveness that demands action. The album starts off very slow, trading lightly but confidently, squishy, mushy beats making up the majority for the sound. On ‘2001/$ince the Era’, theres a bit of a Tribe Called Quest thing going on with horn samples cut under vinyl scratches. Then, we make our way deep, deep down the rabbit hole, into an era of noise and oblivion. Shit starts getting fucked up royally, and honestly, that’s the only way to do it. The further you go through the album, the more and more dark and mesmerising the music becomes, glitchy beyond recognition and completely  transfixing. If the Hypno-Toad from Futurama was a real thing, and was just a really big fan of Death Grips, then $CVM would probably be his favourite thing in the history of ever. And you don’t wanna fuck with the Hypno-Toad’s musical preferences. That amphibian has great taste.


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