Album Review: Fait Accompli-Dreams

Although they’ve been alive and kicking since around 2006, I didn’t figure out my life with the accompaniment of Fait Accompli until I heard one of their tracks on a My Sydney Riot compilation. Over there, the band are regular contributors, and every time another of their wonderful compilations comes out, there’ll usually be a new track up there, along with similar-minded party-starters like Pirates Alive and Samoan Punks. Since then, I’ve been pretty stoked with the shit that they keep pumping out. So it comes as no surprise that their debut album is fucking brilliant.

In case you’re not affiliated with the Fait Accompli ways, let me lay it out for you. They play convinced, straight up rock music that could be found on a Foo Fighters album, and mix it with a fury that is more in the style of Rancid. Then, they mix in just the right amount of calmness to quell the storm and add texture, similar to what The Pretty Littles and The Smith Street Band. Slap on a hearty Aussie accent, and you’ve got a three piece that are ready to blow up brain cells.

However, its not until the second track that Fait Accompli really start kicking into gear. Although the title track and opener is pleasant,  ‘Be Mine’ is the one that grabs the attention. Starting with a slightly melancholic guitar, it soon shifts gear like one of the many impossible moments of a Fast and Furious plot crux. It explodes with a vitality and charisma of a Martin Luther King Jr. speech, spewing forth romantic accolades over a melody that sounds like The Offspring returned to the coke-fuelled days of ‘Smash’. The theme of Arnold Schwarzenegger-lite riffs continues in a couple of the later songs as well,  providing entertaining-as-fuck platters of delight. Seriously, listening to the breakdown of ‘Lost in The City’ is like walking into your bedroom to find out that the lost sprawl of Atlantis has been chilling in your bedside fish tank all along. What, I’m trying to say is, there’s a gigantic orgasm hiding right under the people of Sydney’s noses with these songs.

Although, as I iterated before, its not always a guitar-powered steamroll of the brain. The quieter tracks ‘Hold Onto You’ and ‘Death of a Caesar’ provide warm relief to the bombastic-ness. Although far from being the highlights on an album full of amazing rock tracks, they are great songs in their own right, packed with some nice lyrics and heart-breakin’ vibes.

However, and I don’t know whether this comes down to a well-ingrained bias or something, the older songs are the ones that grind my pleasure complex in the right ways. The re-recorded, additional guitar-solo blow up ‘Blue Eyes’ is a fantastic, mosh-ready track, but the one that blows me away every time, and probably always will, is ‘Ride’. Ever since I first heard that song, back when I was a bubbling, chubby and bright-eyed about the world, ‘Ride’ always singled itself as a special track for me. Even in the newest format (I swear, there’s about fifty slightly different versions of this song) ‘Ride’ still has the power and poignancy of a standout rock track. From the built-up, layered intro, to the wistful verses, from the eyes-closed-driving-on-a-highway chorus to the orgasmic finish, ‘Ride’ completes everything that makes a great rock song in absolute decadence.

Overall, I’m glad Fait Accompli finally stopped doing the EP thing and released an album. Don’t get me wrong, I loved all the EP’s, they were all down-right fantastic. But having an album means that I can finally go to an “album launch”, and hopefully experience a new side of the wild show that Fait Accompli put on (I forgot to mention they’re a killer live band).

Anyway, the album is available for free from the band’s Bandcamp, which is just one of the myriad of reasons to pick up ‘Dreams’. Fuarking get on it, son/daughter!


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