Album Review: Rayon Moon-Resurrection EP

Resurrection cover art

Hahahahahah!!!! If you add an extra ‘e’ to the resurrection, you get ‘ressrerection’! It’s like a revived erection! Mwaahahahah, I’m the next Richard Pryor!

Immature gloating aside, Rayon Moon are an awesome rock n roll garage band that are filthier than the ashtray of the afterparty of a Dune Rats gig. One one side, Rayon Moon are the perfect caricatures of a garage rock band. Weird lyrics, surf-y guitars and the word ‘amateur’ smudged all over their carcass. On the other hand, this band is the perfect garage rock iconoclast. Rayon Moon’s music epitomises everything there is to love about garage music, and if you can’t se that, well, then you’re blinder than Stevie Wonder.

The opening track on their ‘Resurrection’ EP is called ‘The Phil Spector Wig Appreciation Society’, and it comes with as much slacker, smartass debauchery as one would expect with a name like that. This is the track that will get everyone boogying down on the ground like its the Apocalypse. The song is a perfect marriage of Quentin Tarantino-esque guitar and memorable chorus. If you can’t see this song being shouted back at the band by a bunch of barely legal garage rock groupies at some shithole house party, then you’re not using your imagination correctly.

Next, its ‘Count Me Out’, a dastardly daredevil exploit that could soundtrack an Evil Knievel jump across 5 million buses. Its got a swashbuckling, swaggering nature to it, warbling Cold Chisel vocals slashed into a hollow barrel of zany surf rock guitar and tribal bongos. That’s right, bongos. There’s motherfucking bongos in this track. Why aren’t you listening to it right now?

After that, we follow into some darker, seduction territory with ‘AA’. A deep, groovy bass line sprawls itself over the leopard skin rug of a track, Aviator-rocking, crucifix-earinged guitar splashes appearing more rapidly throughout, and a damn fine riff if you’ve ever heard one pouting its way into the inner conscious.

And finally, although we want to hear oh-so-much-more, ‘Kick A Fire’ ends out the ‘Resurrection’ EP. But it does leave the listener very much satisfied, with a cigarette in hand, a sweaty bosom and a pounding heart. I’m making an allusion to sexual intercourse in case you didn’t pick that up. ‘Kick A Fire’ is going to have sex with your brain. Starting out very Cramps-like, haunched bass line, the track then devolves into a demented Grinderman sort of thing, bashing itself in the head until its bleeding profusely and entertaining all within spurting distance.

Overall, Rayon Moon have proved that they’re one hell of a band to listen to, regardless of context. Whether you’re at a nice family dinner or a crack den, or even mid-coitus, with Denzel Washington, there’s always going to be some room for the ‘Resurrection’ EP. And luckily for you, the whole thing is available on Rayon Moon’s Bandcamp, along with their other EP’s. Now, altogether, lets form a circle and pray to the Tiki Gods for these bad boys to come to Sydney for a night of sin.


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