Album Review: Reckless Vagina-Nu Start EP

Straight outta’ Newtown, and sounding nothing like NWA, its the vicious, visceral and vaginally-titled Reckless Vagina. You wanna hear a great band? Look no fucking further!

OK, so that was a bit of a hyperbolic introduction, but what do you expect me to do when talking about Reckless Vagina? Now, on their first couple of singles, ‘Dollar Hyde’ and ‘Hit & Miss’, listeners were more or less getting something that you’d presume would come from the band with that sort of name. Short, sharp and full of energy and flavour,  like a typhoon of Starbursts.

However, on their debut EP, Reckless have expanded, matured and gone places no other band have gone before. OK, hyperbole again, but they’ve done fucking great in exploring some shit, and it sounds absolutely awesome. The opener ‘The Meryl Streepshow’ (awesome titles are kinda in this bands DNA) is like 4 songs all packed into one, like ‘Jesus of Suburbia’ but actually, y’know, good. Its very Neutral Milk Hotel-y, with the smorgasbord of instrumentation, and swaying vibes. All in all, a fucking great six minutes to get the listener comfortable.

Oh wait. Fuck that. Second track ‘Calvin Harris’ has arrived.  After a few moments of spaced-out weirdness, we get the snotty punk we were expecting. Like The Clash being fed through a trash compactor and then slowly violated by ghouls. Following this, its ‘Ball Park (James Curly)’, a song thats like those shitty chants you have to do at sports games, only started by a zealous Falko from Future of the Left/Mclusky fame. The song’s basically debauchery incarnate.

Finally, the final track on Reckless Vagina’s triumphant debut thing that’s more than a song, is the horrifying black ballad ‘Hindsight Year 10 Bullshit Blues’. And haven’t we all fucking been there. A slow build up is the name of this game, just glacially building itself into a towering wall of feedback and gruelling guitar. Man, if Nick Cave combined with The National or something, that’s probably how shit would go down. Blacker-than-Hillary-Clinton’s-butthole lyrics and music that’ll haunt you for days, this song is absolutely insane, and must have.

Overall, Reckless Vagina are awesome, and if you don’t think that then you’re wrong. OK?


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