New: ScotDrakula-Break Me Up/No Good! (free download)

One of the most enjoyable Australian bands to listen to as of late (just listen to ‘Burner’ for proof) ScotDrakula combine the sort of lazy garage slackerness with an infection of catchiness not seen since Nirvana wrote pop songs.

Such is the way of their latest, free-download single ‘Break Me Up’. The song burns slower than the fire of love, building and building until its a muddled mess of overridden, scuzzed out fuzz.

The b-side ‘No Good!’ sees the band let loose again in the usual ScotDrakula style, just fucking obliterating all in their path with some badass surfer rock. With a smoking bong in one hand and a guitar in the other, ScotDrakula rock and groove like The Beach Boys on an overload of bad acid.

These two singles just prove how awesome ScotDrakula are. They’ll be playing GoodGod on December 17, supporting Mac DeMarco. Go if you want to be cool.



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