New: Snowy Nasdaq-Periods

Because I’m a well-reknown wanker, I kind of forgot to tell everyone about Snowy Nasdaq’s solo stuff. However, it suddenly hit me and I remembered that his work is definitely worth posting about. Which is how we come to the crux of the story, Snow Nasdaq’s ‘Periods’.

You probably know Snowy from one of his many incarnations-member of The Ocean Party, member of Mining Boom, member of Velcro, member of Pencil, member of…fuck he’s in a lot of stuff, and his name seems to pop up just about everywhere as a ‘contributor’. Basically, the guy is like the Bill Murray of Melbourne music-if he’s involved, its going to be fucking good.

That sentiment can be applied SO hard to Snowy’s solo output. It seems that there’s always a new EP on his Bandcamp page, which is why I’ll just review one of them, my personal favourite ‘Periods’. Four tracks long, and it still packs a Mike Tyson-punch of entertainment.

The first track ‘Limited Stock’ might initially set you up for a shuffling, Nicolas Jaar sort of thing, but it soon evolves into a full-blown indie-pop ballad. There’s so much shit going down on this song that it’s hard to know where to exactly start describing how great this song is. I guess if someone drowned Vampire Weekend in the Tasman Sea, then their bloated corpse was dragged back to shore and turned into a puppet by James Murphy, it might be a bit like what you get on ‘Limited Stock’.

Next, there’s ‘I Like Being Forgotten’, another track which is a little DFA records, but Snowy’s quiet, slightly nervous musing contradicts the jumpy, deep-sea exploration instrumentation that’s going down on the song. Again, there’s a lot of shit happening in every which direction, but its nonetheless a beautiful track.

After a short, slightly disturbing instrumental in the form of ‘Pension’, there comes the shimmery, funk-erific ‘Primality’. I’ve said it a couple times, but listening to this and trying to analyse what’s going on is like trying to convince Hulk Hogan to become transexual. There’s a great juxtaposition going on of flurrying, diamond-tinged synths with straight up indie rock n roll, and again, Snowy’s vocals are damn delectable.

I’ve only reviewed one four-track EP, but Snowy’s Bandcamp page is full of consistently jaw-dropping stuff. I’m really bummed I forgot to review it earlier, but I’ll take this opportunity to tell you that you need Snowy in your life like you need a liver for a big night out. Relaxing yet exciting, his solo stuff would make even the most hipster of indie rockers blush in jealousy.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the best part-All (repeat: ALL) of his stuff is completely, 100% totally free. You can grab it from his Bandcamp here. 


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