Album Review: The Jones Rival-The Jone Rival EP


Okay, despite what it says on the tags of their Soundcloud page (the Wikipedia of demos, b-sides and private streams for reviewers who don’t know the difference between its and it’s aka yours truly), The Jones Rival are a rock ‘n’ roll band. Sure, their music is a little bit earl 2000’s, but is there anything wrong with that. The Vines’ debut album ruled, and you’d be hard-pressed to find someone with the balls to say that The Hives and The White Stripes sucked. The Jones Rival are similar to bands with the letters ‘JO’ forming the front half of a word in their band name, like The Jim Jones Revue and the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. They’re loose, raw and have enough MC5 love to go around the bend a couple times.

Seriously, when you listen to some of the songs on their debut EP, The Jones Rival less resemble a band, and more a blistering hurricane of rock n roll fury. Like The Von Bondies at their prime, The Jones Rival pack as much heat, sweat and bombastic power into every riff that they deliver.

Chorus’ and guitar solos are the band’s specialty, and they do them well. The chorus’ are full-blown and screamed like a murder from Se7en just took place in front of their eyes. Every song on the EP features a solo that is short and swift, and yet, will break your back and blow out your eyeballs if you look at it for too long. ‘My Aim’ and ‘Broke Up’ get special mention for being beautifully destructive.

Overall, The Jones Rival take the rock ‘n’ roll formula, and abuse it until its a snapping at anything and everything. They breathe a life into their music that is vicious and fucking awesome. A fantastic start for a band.

Although I’m pretty late to the party on this one, you can catch The Jones Rival playing the last night of their residency at Oxford Art Factory, this Saturday, the 23rd of November. If their live show is anything like their sounds on record, it should be a fucking great show.


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