Album Review: Unity Floors-Exotic Goldfish Blues


Do you hear that? Over the crest of yonder hill? I believe it’s coming from the Inner West. Yep, its the sound of Unity Floors’ debut record. ‘Exotic Goldfish Blues’ is the kind of album that stops its complexity at the title, and invites even the most brain-dead of people to bop their heads enthusiastically.

Unity Floors are a duo thathave been kicking around Sydney for a while now, chucking out a slew of EP’s and 7″, but unfortunately, they never really gained the recognition that they most definitely deserve. Their brand of slacker-pop is about as feel-good as a down-n-outer can get, strutting along the well-worn Sebadoh line along with their contemporaries Woollen Kits, Chook Race and Boomgates.

Case in point: the tracks,‘Day Release’, ‘Just For A Minute’ and ‘Gettin On’. These tracks cement themselves with a catchy-as-fuck riff that never slows down, smudging your brain with the pelter of Newtown-rainsoaked guitar. Another great feature of Unity Floors is their stoner-garage wisps, a ‘niche sound’ that doesn’t seem all that dissimilar from Parquet Courts. as seen in  ‘Holy Hell’ and ‘Petrov’s Cloud’.  Furious but quiet guitar that razes all in its path, whilst earnest, half-shouted vocals accompany the blazing trail of noise. Fuck, you can almost see the joint-smoke curling itself outside the granny flat/recording studio as Unity Floors banged out this slacker masterpiece.

However, Unity Floors save their best shit for last. The album builds and builds like the intensity of the flashing light that means you have to change the oil in your 2004 Toyota, and then there’s this giant crash of half-relief, half-snideness on ‘Crash Cars’. Although all the songs on the album are brilliant, and will put you in the sort of risk-taking mood that says  ‘fuck it, let’s try Vegemite’, ‘Crash Cars’ encapsulates the dole-bludging, crooked-smile-owning, Marrickville-born-‘n’-bred legend that every teenager worth their salt inevitably becomes. Oh, yeah, and the finishing guitar solo that sounds like J Mascis was just decapitated by Mad Max after his fifth schooner of XXXX? Yeah, that’s pretty cool as well.

Overall, Unity Floors not only put out the album that we were all expecting them to (a brilliant one that takes its queues from the 90’s, and then re-invents that for a modern audience of slackers) but they’ve also done it in a fashion of nonchalance that you’d think they did it between bong hits. Little do you know, shallow reader, this is a band of utmost genius, who’ve created a fantastic album that takes them above and beyond the pond of teenage disobedience and fucking around, and turns them into bonafide slacker heros.

If you’re one of the few in Sydney’s local music scene that still hasn’t gotten around to seeing Unity Floors (they play all the fucking time, what is wrong with you?) then lucky you, the album launch is on December 7th at the Factory Theatre. Fucking see you there.


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