Album Review: Love Migrate-Dissolved


Love Migrate have a really applicable name. Like some kind of romantic warlock, Love Migrate manage to swarm their music with an abundance of love and care, like the Mother Teresa of music. Imagine if that song ‘Lightning Crashes’ by that terrible 90’s band Live, like, wasn’t shit, and that heartfelt emotion could be transformed into a completely un-sappy, and real outpour of sorrow and heart. Their new-ish EP ‘Dissolved’ showcases this to a startlingly eyebrow-creasing and emotion-liquifying degree.

The title track for the EP opens up the event, and the song manages to be grand and subdued at the same time. It moves in the same way as a Frightened Rabbit album, only Love Migrate pack all the tear-jerking to a single, soaring-yet-subdued chorus of ‘I am keen to be dissolved/of my past’. Try listening to that without bursting into tears. Even Paul Hogan would be surrounded in a pool of salty eye-water from this track (Paul Hogan doesn’t cry, he sheds salty eye-water. Paul Hogan is a fucking man)

‘Squealing With the Mice’ continues the theme of Love Migrate being a beautiful band, the song resonating an innate quiet loudness. The background keys that bounce off the shimmering guitar and the Blonde Redhead-ish breaks, it all makes you want to stand outside your high school crushes house holding a boombox above your head, playing this song.

Now, despite being long as fuck (for the average whispering folk-rock track at least), ‘I Was A Stranger’ is the best song on the EP. It all comes down to the contrast between the sparkly but uncertain vocals/lyrics with the gentle-as-a-baby’s-cranium acoustic guitar that quietly churns in the background. I could, and you will, listen to this song over and over again without tiring from it.

The EP closes out with a solemn, clutched-to-the-chest piece that makes you want to simultaneously curl up in your bed and never let anyone except for yourself hear this song, and search to the ends of the Earth for what could have caused this sorrow, and kill this monstrosity for the sake of humanity. The song in question is ‘Falling Through’, and the shit that is resonating from this song is next level amazing.

The best thing about Love Migrate’s ‘Dissolved EP’ is how it quietly achieves. I know I’ve mentioned that a couple times throughout the review, but Love Migrate show how a band doesn’t need to shout their message, either literally or through over-the-top musical antics, to get it across. Love Migrate have simply created an four track EP that is full to the brim of astounding song-writing and musicianship. Instead of throwing out a cool hundred bucks for whenever The National play next, go buy this EP, and be infinitely more satisfied.

Speaking of buying Love Migrate’s EP, you can grab it here from their Bandcamp.


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