New: Sunbeam Sound Machine-Cosmic Love Affair

Unlike a lot of songs, I found out that there isn’t a lot to say about Sunbeam Sound Machine other than he’s really good. It’s a solo moniker for Nick Sowersby, and his first single ‘Cosmic Love Affair’ is beautiful in its simple execution. Its a tired, washed over piece of music that hangs onto the listener with a reverie. Listening to ‘Cosmic Love Affair’ is a bit like watching a French film: you cant really understand the words, you’re trying to figure out whats going on and failing miserably, but goddamn if this isn’t the best shit you’ve heard in a while. ‘Cosmic Love Affair’ is perfect in the way it starts off slow, builds and builds for a while, and then just as it hits its climax, completely lets go and finishes. Youth Lagoon would be in tears of envy.


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