Ultimate Australian Slacker Playlist

Ok, now the HSC is well and truly over, so we can all begin that period in our lives where we stress out over our ATAR scores, or whatever bullshit requirement you need to further your life and find a sense of meaning and identity. Little do you know, life has no meaning, and we are predisposed to an indulgence of ourselves, and once we discover this, we descend into a pit of cynicism and selfishness, and only once we are so disgusted with ourselves can we truly begin to understand a sliver of what life is like. On that note of nihilism, I think its time to relax to a playlist of the greatest recent slacker rock/pop band Australia has to offer. As expected, it is mostly Chapter Music and Bedroom Suck bands, and mostly from the East Coast. There’s some Courtney Barnett, Bored Nothing, Step-Panther, Twerps and a bunch of surprises as well. Enjoy!

1. Dick Diver-Through the D

2. Bitch Prefect-Better Next Time

3. Bored Nothing-Shit For Brains

4. Step-Panther-Maybe Later

5. Woollen Kits-Out of Whack

6. The Ocean Party-Quarter Life Crisis

7. Scott & Charlene’s Wedding-Rejected

8. The Stevens-Fast Cars

9. Dollar Bar-Diff’rent 4 Gurls

10. Disgusting People-Make You Happy

11. Bad//Dreems-Hoping For 

12. Twerps- He’s In Stock

13. Courtney Barnett-History Eraser 

14. Yard Duty-Downward Dog

15. Unity Floors-Identity Theft

16. Boomgates-Whispering or Singing

17.Peak Twins-Only Sun

18. Velcro-Portsea

19. Marf Loth-Seperate the State

20. Lower Plenty-Nullabor


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