New: Sounds Like Sunset-Second Chance

Unlike the very pop-punk sounding name that Sounds Like Sunset own, they have a gorgeous shoegaze sound. Mind you, its not so much My Bloody Valentine/Ride shoegaze that blisters your mind with inhuman frequencies until you need to throw up, but very smooth and reserved reverbed tones that hold melody rather than crushing your mind with acidic quality. ‘Second Chance’ is very textured and rich, and there’s no way you can listen to it without a smile creeping across your face and giving yourself shoegaze inspired boner. Bob Mould would be prouder than James and a Giant Peach (that one’s for all the haters that said a Husker Du/Roald Dahl reference wasn’t possible).

You can catch the launch of this happening at Brighton Up Bar on Friday, 15th November two thousand and thirteen. It’s pretty cheap, and Royal Chant, Claws & Organs and Yes, I’m Leaving are all playing as well.


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