New: Owls of the Swamp-Ghostflake (feat. Ainslie Wills)

Despite this point of time being prime party-time music fuck yeah lets go wild is that cocaine i’ll have some cocaine oh it was salt my sinuses are burning…’Ghostflake’ is my way of consoling your schizophrenic ways with a soothing track that puts ‘Do You Realize??’ to shame. Owls of the Swamp seems like a real bluesy band name, but the music that unfolds is so rightly earthy and real. Listening to ‘Ghostflake’ wouldn’t usually be my idea of a great song, but it totally is, and when you’re listening to it, your mind will mellow and falter into a calm, quiet bed of luxury. Sound pretentious? I don’t give a fuck, when a song like this rocks up, you’ve gotta try and give it the same sort of description that something of this much pillow-biting beauty possesses.


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