Album Review: Males-Run Run Run/MalesMalesMales

As most know, I have an unhealthy fixation with underground New Zealand guitar-pop. Now, whilst that may seem specific, the niche gives it a lot more appeal. Knowing that this awesome, warm and fuzzy sound won’t be tapped into by many people gives it an ownership that accentuates its already astounding goodness. However, I’m going to go ahead and violate my personal musical porn collection and share a band that all should know about, for the sake of purity and goodness of the human spirit.

The band in question is known as Males, a staple of the Fishrider Records stable. They’ve released a mini-album/double EP thing that is worthy of your attention simply because it is attention grabbing. Listening to the second track ‘Lucky Too’, if you aren’t charmed out of your pants by the simple ecstasy and excitement that the band portray, then you may as well go swallow that bowl of cyanide that you’ve got laying next to your table Scrooge McDouche.

Indeed, every song on the record is bursting with excitement, like those small dogs you see at parks that will take any opportunity to hump your leg. However, unlike those tiny dogs, you’ll let yourself be desecrated by Males, because their pop is too good to ignore. It sees a concoction of the Flying Nun stuff as well as some more modern underground indie rock and pop. However, Males stay confined to New Zealand Kiwi stamp thing, and any influences you’ll hear on this record are solely Western Nations of the South East Asia Subcontinent (or WNSEAS) variety. Think along the lines of a bunch of Kiwis that dig on Cloud Nothings.

With songs like ‘Weakness’, ‘So High’ and ‘Over and Out’ ensuring that the listener is completely infatuated, Males solidify themselves as a band that tread a line between nonchalant infectiousness and genuine rock n roll genius. And guess what? You can buy the album from Males’ Bandcamp right here for $7 New Zealand, which is like Australian dollars but not. However, something that can be agreed on is that you need Males’ album in your life like Winnie the Pooh needs the check into rehab for his honey addiction.


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