New: DZ Deathrays-Northern Lights

Halle-fuckin-lejah, there is officially new DZ Deathrays material! And just in time for all the newly released HSC students to smash their heads to. Legit, if you don’t like DZ Deathrays, you have a deep-seeded hatred of yourself, and I’m sorry, but there’s nothing we can do to fix you.

DZ’s newest track aims to switch it up a bit from their usual adrenaline kick to the balls formula, but for the time being, it’s working in their favour. ‘Northern Light’ slowly builds until its grinding up against your face, garganutan cymbals crashing all around your head, and that chugging repetition of ‘The northern lights’…you can practically see the shimmering natural phenomenon glittering above your head.

DZ Deathrays are doing a DJ set at Good God tonight, supporting Turbo Fruits. You should definitely go.


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