New: Broken Bells-Holding On For Life

Ahh finally, never thought we’d see the day of the release of some more Broken Bells material. For those who don’t know, Broken Bells is a collaboration between James Mercer from The Shins (aka the ultimate indie-kid band) and producer maestro Danger Mouse. There hasn’t been a peep from these guys since they released that stellar fucking record way back in 2010.

Well, now they’re back with a new track called ‘Holding On For Life’, a track that I feel will become quite polarising, but for the moment is very enjoyable. It seems to take on a more R&B vibe, but the attempt is sort of amateur, like if Indie Music rocked up to R&B’s house and took notes of R&B’s everyday activities. Mercer’s falsetto, which was initially a catch, becomes kind of annoying by the end of the track, but Danger Mouse’s production, which sounds like OutKast slowed down by 1000 of the things, is on top tier awesome.


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