Video: Reckless Vagina-Hindsight Bullshit Year 10 Blues

Reckless Vagina are the sort of hidden delight that you either know or don’t, and it really sucks to be you if you don’t. The first thing that will strike you will be their name (how does a reckless vagina work? Does it bite you?) and usually the next thing to infiltrate your senses will be their over-the-top scuzzed out glory tunes.

However, on the first single from their upcoming debut EP, Reckless Vagina get strangely cinematic, almost so much so that you wouldn’t recognise them from ‘Dollarhyde’. However, the change seems to suit them, and they pull off the epic quite well. Brash, Australian-as-fuck commentary mulled over a gloriously textured musical output of bended, drug-fiending guitars, it comes off like a mixture of Nick Cave and The Smith Street Band.

The video is mesmerising, a slow motion peel through the insanity of inner city living. A downright awesome party rages, but the music gives it a sinister, almost macabre feel to it, and as the song progresses, you feel less like the fires and shouting are in good fun, and more like you’re about to witness a murder/suicide.

An amazing branching off of their previous work, it is with great expectations that we await the upcoming Reckless Vagina EP, which comes out sometime this month.


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