New: House of Laurence-Just Don’t Move Me

Most of you will be wondering who the fuck is Laurence, and what makes him think he can just up and claim people’s houses like this shit is Game of Thrones. Despite the severe lack of Peter Dinklage, these song is damn sexy and delicious. It chugs along like a Rocky montage, swelling with every second until its like Stallone is bellowing right in your face. But then it pulls back again to a sultry swing of the hips, just as quickly as it was belting along. Despite the dramatic shifts in pace, the feel and flow of the song is never lost, and it remains intact as a catchy piece of funky psych-pop.

You can grab the track for 100% freedom on House of Laurence’s Triple J Page here.

In the inevitable case that you want to go see House of Laurence, lucky for you, they’re playing on the 29th of November at the Lansdowne.


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