Gig Review: Bad//Dreems

ImageThursday 31st October @ Callum’s Party Mansion





Cheers to Luen and Callum for putting on such a fucking great night. These cats are cooler than watching Breaking Bad with Samuel L. Jackson, and hearing him point out logical inconsistencies in the plot.

So, whilst 6 year olds were getting dressed up as witches and warlocks for a stint around the neighbourhood for dangerousamount of sugar, and 21 year olds dressed up as whatever pop culture reference is in this year (Miley Cyrus/Robin Thicke was probably pretty go-to for the ‘wittier’ and ‘trendier’ of our friends), I went to a party. Yep, hold your fucking applause. Best of all, this was a house party, and Bad//Dreems, one of the best acts of the decade, were playing. I didn’t think a night of sweat, vomit and copious amounts of goon would be in store, but they were, and it was awesome.

The night got started off for the lucky few with local heros Food Court. A four piece that have been around for a while, but only released their debut EP very recently (review here). And boy did they rock shit out, much more so than would be thought of a bunch of blokes dressed in the less-than-strategic costumes they were wearing. Eat your fucking heart out Lady Gaga, whilst your spending a cool million on some heroin-encrusted, pigeon-feathered one-piece, these boys rocked a dragon outfit, a Native American costume, and the best goddamn Prince impersonation you’ve seen in your life. As for their music, well, let’s just say that they quicker you get around the memorising and inevitably loving every note of songs like ‘Going Home’, ‘Not Enough’ and ‘She’s Away’, the better off you’ll be as a functioning member of society. Live, the songs generate even more life than they do in their casual recorded format.

After a little sweat had been dropped onto Callum’s floor courtesy of Food Court, some baggy-green clad legends by the name of Yard Duty ascended to that tiny living room. And then they proceeded to rock people’s minds in the most casual way possible. Yard Duty are a slacker band for those of you who don’t know (they also happened to release a pretty bloody great mini-album a month-ish ago, review here). Anyway, Yard Duty killed it, albeit in a slightly less fuzzy fashion than Food Court. Their music is more the kind of thing you want to kick back, have a VB and talk shit in accompaniment with. When you’re so close that you’re smelling the guitarist’s beer-soaked vest, the friendly-bloke vibe of their music gets accentuated to legendary status, with ‘Downward Dog’ and ‘Christmas Kicks’ especially resonating especially. If you’re not convinced just hear out my own little fanboy moment: because I missed out on my favourite track ‘Vierboom’s Room’, Zac (from the band, not some random dude called Zac) sat down and played to track to me personally. Dude even let me shout out ‘AND I CAME ON HIS BED!’ Fucking legend.

Finally, the men of the hour, Bad//Dreems absconded their drinks and friends to play to the bloodthirsty folk of Sydney. We bayed for Bad//Dreems blood, and that is what we got. We devoured every tune thrown at us, from feel-good-cos-you’re-feeling-bad anti-anthem ‘Hoping For’, the punk-meets-melody-meets-fuckyew of ‘Home Life’, and rip-snorter of an adrenaline rush ‘Caroline’. Ironically, the last song introduced as ‘I fucking hate this song’, before the track exploded into being a highlight of the set. Bad//Dreems even managed to plop in a mind-blowing cover of ‘My Pal’ by GOD, a song which happens to be the best Australian track of all time, bar none.

Seeing Bad//Dreems live and in the flesh, in an environment where the drummer’s hair sweat is flicking into your eyes, and the guitarist’s beer breath mixes with your own…well that’s an experience too good for words. The previous bands were great fucking bands, but Bad//Dreems are an entity on their own. Their songs, their music, and the way they play their shit live, it holds a unique, gritty but amiable trait that is all too rare in bands these days. But then again, if it wasn’t a rarity, then seeing a band like Bad//Dreems wouldn’t be such a special occasion.

In case it wasn’t clear, that Halloween was a highlight of my year. And in case you were wondering, my Wayne’s World costume was the best costume there, winning a self-appointed, one-man competition of best get-up at the party. So yeah, when you beat out a lady with a 100%accurate depiction of Frida Kahloand get to see Food Court, Yard Duty and Bad//Dreems, it’s hard to say you didn’t have a better time than Ferris Bueller trying cocaine for the first time.


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