Video(s):Batpiss+Yes, I’m Leaving+Snakadaktal+Baio+Convaire+The Stevens

Prepare your mind for more music videos than a month of MTV. There’s kind of a flow here, from in-ya-face, to indie-darlings to finishing off with some slacker royalty. Also, every clip included in this list are really, really, insanely great, so make sure you waste your bandwidth on every one of them! Enjoy!

Batpiss-Loose Screws

There’s only one way to say this, and that is that Batpiss are fucking loose. They are more insane than a Cypress Hill crowd during ‘Insane In the Brain’. That’s pretty insane. Well, for a band that has a sound alike to a bludgeoning mythical howl, a video clip of similar mind-blowing aptitude should accompany such a thing. That it does, with the clip for ‘Loose Screws’ showing what happens once a guy that you don’t want to fuck with gets fucked with for the last time. Hint: He goes on a stabbing spree. Extra, extra, extra fucking props for the homage to King Parrot’s ‘Shit On the Liver’.

Yes, I’m Leaving-Four Chorder

I’ve raved and I’ve ranted about Yes, I’m Leaving till I’ve been sore in the dick, but here I am again, raving on about Sydney’s best punk band. This time is with good cause, as they’ve just released a clip to go along with probably the best song from their best and most recent record ‘Mission Bulb’. It shows the Yes, I’m Leaving boys in their natural habitat, causing a ruckus in an empty garage/basement/bomb shelter.

You can catch Yes, I’m leaving along with two fucking great bands, Claws & Organs and Royal Chant, supporting a band called  Sounds Like Sunset. They’ll be playing Friday, November 15th at Brighton Up Bar, and you should go, unless you’re going to the Franz Ferdinand show, in which case you’re OK man, you’re OK.

Snakadaktal-Fall Underneath

The latest dreamy single from Snakadaktal’s stellar debut record is ‘Fall Underneath’. The video treatment for this one takes a soft, retro tone, along the lines of the original Miami Vice shenanigans (not the Colin Farrell/Jamie Foxx collab that the world definitely didn’t need). There’s a lot of butt slapping, swimsuit snapping and fearful looks over the shoulder at moustachioed villains, which are things that usually go hand in hand with a porno. But set to the silky tones of ‘Fall Underneath’, you can’t help but just fucking love both the song and the video.


Given how much I rag on about how much I think Vampire Weekend are the most mediocre and unnecessarily praised bands in recent music history, I don’t expect all that many VW fans to be flocking to the site. But Baio, the electronica side-project of Vampire Weekend bassist Chris ‘Yep, you guessed it’ Baio is frankly, fucking amazing. Darting lazers, alien seduction samples, and neon synths all make ‘Mira’ goddamn irresistible. The clip takes the simple approach of ‘What if we made facial features really fucking creepy?’, and sure enough there’s enough manipulated eyes and lips in this video to make a fetishist cum many times over. It’s also really cool for those of us who aren’t Charles Manson weird.

Convaire-Talk in Technicolour

The accompanying clip to that song that I posted a while ago that was really good. You know the one? Oh you don’t? Guess that’s a reflection on all the great music I post, amirite? Anyway, ‘Talk in Technicolour’ by Sydney electro-pop group, Convaire, gives addictive chorus’ a new point of reference, but their video is fucking awesome (awesome…awesome…). That’s right, it is so great, it is its own echo. The guys behind the video are the same ones who’ve done shit with Touch Sensitive and Hayden James, so it was basically going to be legendary from the get-go. You tell me-does an amalgamation of David Arquette and David Tenant re-enacting ‘Pretty Woman’ with Julia Roberts second cousin, and ending in a grisly death and self-motivated chase scene sound good?

The Stevens-Challenger

Finally, we find ourselves with one of the most promising Australian acts, The Stevens, and their new music video for ‘Challenger’. This track is so slacker, I feel as though Cheech and Chong would tell these guys to hurry the fuck up, which should really speak lengths about how amazing this song is. As for the video, well let’s just say a bunch of beat-up, muddy cars go around a race track in time with the lyrics, ’round and round!’. Talk about a coincidence!


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