New: Chicks Who Love Guns-Guilt Tripper

Finally, Chicks Who Love Guns have more material to make our ear holes bleed and scream for more. One of Sydney’s best bands, their music is an irresistible blend of hurricane-force grunge trauma and slicked back punk rock, a sound that will undoubtedly turn one into a raging psychopath within the first couple of listens.

Surprisingly, ‘Guilt Tripper’ is more of a reserved affair, at least for Chicks Who Love Guns. The tripping bass, the musing verses, the lack of aggression…it seems unlike of Chicks Who Love Guns. But then the chorus hits ‘And all I know, is what I’m paid to know!’, and everything is right again in the world.

‘Guilt Tripper’ is fantastic, because it shows that the band are growing more and more comfortable in their song-writing skins. It was never doubted that Chicks Who Love Guns could shred, but as ‘Guilt Tripper’ and previous single, ‘Pencil Neck’ are proving, these dudes can both tear your head off, and patch it up again.


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