Gig Review: Mø


Tuesday 29th October @ Good God Small Club

When you think about it, heaps of stuff has come from Denmark. Like…’Barbie Girl’! And…The Raveonettes! And that noise band Iceage that sound like every other shitty noise band! But, there’s something on Denmark’s horizon that’s about to make it Hollywood famous, and that is Mø. She is an electro-pop indie superstar in every sense of the word. Forget the likes of Azealia Banks and Lana Del Ray, Mø is the one to champion, because she is going to be fucking huge all over the world. And for one night only, Mø and her band came to Australia to rock a crowd like a hurricane (Yeah! Scorpions!)

To warm up the crowd was local hero Kilter. Having never heard of the guy before, I was intrigued to see how his music would go down, and it would be safe to say that no one in the audience was disappointed. And what a crowd it was! Kilter was the support act, and yet he nearly filled out the entire venue. It was actually a struggle to find a spot where my limited height would grant me a semi-visible view of Kilter. His music is entrancing, a mixture of Disclosure, Aluna George and a dash of Rastafarian love. Rasta mon? That’s right, because Kilter’s live show features an extensive use of a electronic drum pad, and steel toms are a pretty consistent feature on said drum kit.

Seeing Kilter was actually a pleasure, as the man is more focused than you’re average garage rocker. He moves like a shadow-boxer in front of his kit, and when he drums, he drums fucking hard. His movements are fluid and frankly mesmerising, and the sounds that resonate from his small set-up are whole manners of awesome. For a strong example, check out his most recent track ‘Hold Me (feat. YOUTH)’. Slinky, smoother-than-Smooth-Peanut-Butter beats that drip themselves all over you? Yes please! Imagine this, in an intimate live setting with a 20 something smashing the shit out of a drum pad in the most visually arresting way possible. To say it was fucking great would be an understatement. Definitely check out Kilter if you see him on a lineup somewhere.

Mø made her way onto stage in a typically subtle fashion-by punching the air, and hyping the crowd into unfathomable proportions. It felt weird to see a woman so full of energy confined to such a small space, but Mø made it work to her advantage, covering every corner of the stage in approximately 1.5 seconds flat. Throughout her whole set, Mø did not slow down for even a second. She showed off an adventurous Scandinavian spirit, climbing thinks that probably weren’t a good idea to climb on, swinging from things that could doubtfully hold a PA let alone a human being, and immersing herself into an adoring crowd multiple times.

Mø is unique, because she gave everything back to the crowd that they wanted, and then some more. Her music was fantastic, thumping electronic beats filtered through a pure-pop music chamber, and her band played the tunes dutifully. Tracks like ‘Waste of Time’ and ‘Pilgrim’ penetrated the air, sounding as good as they possible could, but it was Mø that stole the show.

I’ll say it again, she really doesn’t belong in such an intimate atmosphere, her songs and her pop star attitude are geared towards a million-strong crowd in some stadium. She knew it, we knew it, and yet, it felt strangely right. A couple hundred people got to witness the greatness of Mø, right when she is on the verge of breaking into world-wide pop stardom. At one point, she started giving out high fives, and the reaction of one guy was ecstatic. Saying he was excited would be like saying a nuclear bomb was a mild inconvenience.

So despite Mø being an electro-pop wizard-ess, she is strangely down to earth. Her ravenous performance and thumping tunes were devoured by the crowd with unabashed glee. If there is one act to follow in the mainstream pop game, follow her. You won’t regret it.


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