New: Mogwai-Remurdered

Mogwai have returned! Even if everything is completely fucked in your life, it cannot be as bad as living in a world without Mogwai. The world’s best band without words have released the first brilliant single from their upcoming record, and in usual brutal Mogwai fashion, it’s called ‘Remurdered’. Up and comers take note, that is how you name a fucking song.

As for the song itself, its a deep, brooding thing, a hulking beast. It motors about, swaying its many heads like Cerberus or Fluffy, the reference will be depending on whether you’re into Greek mythology or Harry Potter. Listening to Mogwai has always had an epic feel to it, like facing the final boss in a video game, or fist-bumping Freddie Krueger. But on ‘Remurdered’, shit just gets a little way more real, and listening to those synth drones makes my heart beat just a little faster than what is probably healthy. The things we do for Mogwai, am I right?



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