Competition: Win Stuff Just For Voting!

That’s right, you read the title to the article that you are currently reading 100% correctly. There is indeed karma, it is a thing, and it will happen to you for a minimal fee of approximately three minutes of your time.

For the small price of going onto Budweiser’s website, and voting for a track of electronic music, (helpfully split into categories such as ambient, trance, house etc.) you can become a hero, nay a God amongst your mates. Budweiser will give you an ultimate night out with three of their mates, including flights to Sydney, five star accommodation, and VIP attendance to the Australian Independent Music Awards (AIMAs).

You know how fucking good that night would be? I mean, do you want to know what its like to live as Jay-Z for a night? It’d be pretty fucking great right? Forget all the bullshit #bestniteeva, Budweiser are giving you the opportunity for a night that you will never forget or repeat. And in the process, you are potentially helping some young gun producer get the jump in the music industry they deserve.

So hit up this link, and pray for the spoils of war to fall your way.


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