Album Review: Go Violets-Heart Slice EP


Go Violets are more than just a band! They are an institution of democracy! Okay, now that I have your attention, its time to turn down the hype a tad and admit that they are just a band. But they’re a really good band! Like, super good! Better than biscuits fed to you by Selena Gomez. Four girls, each armed with an instrument and a killer voice, sitting with a sound somewhere in between Stonefield and Sleater-Kinney. And their debut EP is nothing short of sunny brilliance.

‘Teenager’ opens our love affair with Go Violets, an instant head-bopper if ever there was one.  Take ‘Liar, Liar’ by The Castaways and then get Beth Consentino from Best Coast to take ecstasy and act all happy n shit all over it. ‘Teenager’ rings with a lovely innocence, of adoration and maturation at the same time (by the way, don’t read maturation as a dirty word-I mean it not how wine matures, but more the way Johnny Depp matured from 21 Jump Street to Fear and Loathing. Y’know good maturing). This maturing shifts indefinitely for the power-pop anthem ‘Josie’. Despite sounding nothing like the Blink-192 counterpart that it shares a name with, both songs have a sense of paralleled similarity. There’s the namesake, the pick-me-up themes, and the rushing, eyes closed, clutching smile chorus that makes your heart swoon. However, with the #punklite version, you want to take a skateboard and watch Bam Magera videos, and the Go Violets song makes you want to pick up a surfboard and not act like a Fred Durst loving twelve year old.

Anyway, continuing on into ‘Beside Me’, a song that gets a little bit more down in the dumps than the openers. There’s still some ‘woo-woo’s in there, but you get the feeling that these are more sighing reflections whilst you kick your dirty gumboots in a rainy puddle, than the ones previously used on a sunny January. Likewise, ‘Crazy’ has the down-tempo down pat. There’s still a feeling that you want to tap your foot, but the general tone in the vocals and guitars is like you are actually on your way to an insane asylum, and you just happened to run into your childhood crush. Despite that sounding like a pretty dismal situation, Go Violets manage to keep it upbeat-ish, and make ‘Crazy’ a very fun listen.

Finally, the final two songs give off a bleached beach vibe that’s kinda rare these days outside of a Best Coast or Dum Dum Girls record. ‘Wanted’ and ‘Runner’ are still very windswept and lovetorn, but less forlorn than the previous two tracks, and they don’t have the immediacy of the openers. However, with that time and space, Go Violets lock into a very strong groove and you can hear the ladies working together to make a really solid product. The songs build and build, swooning and suffering, until you can’t help but be totally lovestruck by them, ‘Wanted’ especially.

Go Violets aren’t the sort of band that do self-indulgent things. Unfortunately that means no crazy shredding guitar solos that will rip your mind apart, but fortunately that means that there won’t be any painfully egotistical lyrics that make you want to wish a sorrowful death on the lead singer. Go Violets like to keep things plain and simple, and that’s totally fine. As long as their songs stay as addictive as they do now, I can’t see a problem emerging any time soon.

For some free Go Violets, head to their Triple J Unearthed Page, right here.


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