Album Review: Food Court-Smile At Your Shoes EP

a4088181802_2You know that kid at school, that was really quiet, and shy, and never spoke a fucking word? And then boom, teacher calls on them and they suddenlyget all fucking Rain Man and genius-like? Well, that’s Food Court, a group of slacker-rockers from Sydney that were maybe shut-up for a bit too long, and are now taking the opportunity to let it all out. However, instead of being machine-gun-at-school repressed, they channel everything into providing loud, riff-ready rock n roll. And by my standards, it’s fucking perfect. For a debut EP, Food Court get out of their Warringah Mall Maccas uniforms, strap on their guitars, channel their inner Superchunk and let rip a messy and beautiful feast of tunes.

Opener ‘I Want You’ is about a disgusting pigsty as any KFC bathroom, and that’s just the way we like it. Jangly guitar barfs out into a growling chorus of ‘I want you!’, like DZ Deathrays on a romantic period. The dichotomy of full-on rocking and chilled out bliss works strongly in their favour, and ensures that ‘I Want You’ is going to be a song to remember for a long fucking time. Next is the free download of the title track, which is a little more ramshackle, Dune Rats without the weed references. It’s a 60’s rock n roll meets the contemporary garage, with off-key ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ and sloppy guitar lines, and a badass little shred-solo.

‘By Your Side’ hits strong and hard from the beginning, and you could almost call it a power-ballad. But its too over-the-bullshit to fall into that category, similar to Palms with ‘This Last Year’. Its a nod along track, you move your head back and forth with ease, no drama involved. Food Court want to get you in the right sort of amiable mood before they blast your face off with ‘Not Enough’. Okay, maybe that’s an overstep, but ‘Not Enough’ is still very cool. The chorus of those super beach vibes you have when a tan just starts to form on your skin, your Ray-Bans are looking cool as shit, and sand is still between your arse crack (a situation I have never personally found myself in, but hey, imagination right?). The shredding and bass lines  towards the end of this track is very Step-Panther, which immediately brings this track to a level of awesome on par with smoking bongs with the Predator.

‘Going Home’ again brings the surfer/slacker/just-lost-my-job-to a-machine vibes, a short n sweet track that is intended to get your body fucking moving. However, it’s closer ‘She’s Away’ that is far and away the standout track on this EP. Now that’s fucking saying something, when every track on this EP is damn near slacker perfection, but ‘She’s Away’ brings an energy and ironically, enthusiasm that has to be accounted for. The song oozes a Thee Oh Sees vibe, of being super fucking cool without trying, like a modern day Fonzie. That belted chorus of ‘WHEN I SEE YOUR FRIENDS’ is just so fucking anthem-ready it makes me wet between my thighs.

Maybe its the fact that I’ve got way too much of a soft spot for garage and slacker rock (as should anyone with a semblance of intelligence), but it feels like Food Court have compiled a host of underground Sydney classics on their very first stint in music, and they’ve done it without even trying. Everything on ‘Smile At Your Shoes’ is very self-deprecating and realistic, and for that, you can’t help but just fucking love Food Court.

‘Smile At Your Shoes is available for $5 from Food Court’s Bandcamp here. That’s more awesome than 2am drunken kebabs, and cheaper as well. If you want to (read: you must) catch Food Court live, they’re playing their next show on the 8th of November at the Captain Cook Hotel in Surry Hills, with one of Australia’s best bands of the now, Bad//Dreems.


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