New: Blank Realm-Falling Down The Stairs

Oh well, this is just a re-interpretation of ‘greatest thing in the world’. Blank Realm, a weird pop band from Brisvegas, have just released a new track from their upcoming record ‘Grassed In’. There’s a whole smorgasbord of shit going down on this song, and the rare combination makes it a contender for most glorious song of the year.

There’s some David Bowie vibes, circa Ziggy Stardust, there’s some off kilter, chewed up organ key sounds like Of Montreal or Handsome Furs, and there’s the Australian slacker-pop sound that’s so in vogue right now. The acoustic guitar strums ring only second to the off-key yelps in the chorus of ‘Who’s falling? Who’s falling? Who’s falling down the stairs tonight?’. Yeah, this song is fucking fantastic, and if you want to continue a cool, trendy existence, then Blank Realm are an integral part of that plan.


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