Video: Bloods-No Fun

You know all those shitty action movies that use fast cars as a vehicle (pun not intended) for over-the-top action sequences? Lot’s of vrooming and Vin Diesel looking hard? Well, Bloods out-does them all in this two and a half minute clip, shaving off a thankful 90 minutes of Nicholas Cage from your life.

The perfect mix of bubblegum punk and leather-jacket, Harley-Davidson driving, black-aviator-sunglasses wearing cool is brought to life in one of Bloods’ best tracks yet. ‘No Fun’ is a party starter if you’ve ever heard one, full-throttle to a dangerous level.

Dirk, MC and Sweetie let themselves go on this clip, with loose, shaky and fun vibes being the central focus. There’s some costume changes, a Sega-inspired Bloods logo, and an overdose of the word ‘AHHH!’. Good times!


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