New: Straight Arrows-Make Up Your Mind (free download)

Anyone who’s even mildly into garage rock would have simultaneously shat their pants and thrown up in excitement. Yep, you read that title correctly, there is indeed a new Straight Arrows song, and about fucking time as well. Actually, that’s not entirely true, because they put out that 7 a couple months back, but now there is concrete evidence that Straight Arrows are going to follow up one of Australia’s best debut records with another undoubtedly fantastic release.

The first taste is ‘Make Up Your Mind’ a fast n loose track that’s like driving around a NASCAR track in a Crash Bandicoot car whilst high on a laboratory’s worth of drugs. The slack-jawed, drooling chorus comes as no surprise with the herpes-like catchy nature, and the whole song reeks of being a future crowd favourite.

Straight Arrows are playing support for Violent Soho all over the country . You can (read: should) see them when they play Oxford Art Factory this Friday.


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