Video: Purling Hiss-Mary Bumble Bee

Whoooooaaaah…the title says it’s Purling Hiss…but this band sounds nothing like the face-shredding Purling Hiss that I know. First The Men, now these dudes…crazy garage bands are turning into chiller dudes all of a sudden. Not that it’s a totally bad thing. It’s not like we’re exactly short of bands that have a destructive output similar to a T-Rex eating out the average citizen, and as long as Purling Hiss maintain the psychedelic, slightly-warped standard of ‘Mary Bumble Bee’, then I”m sure we’ll do okay. But please Purling Hiss, feel free to return to the noisy roots that sound like a chainsaw having sex with several acres of feedback. I don’t think anyone would mind that.


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