New: Unity Floors-Day Release

Fucking finally, there is some more material from one of the best local Sydney acts, Unity Floors. ‘Day Release’ is the 2nd single (? Where the fuck was the first?) from the bands upcoming debut record. ‘Day Release’ is interesting because it swaps out the usual stoned n slacker vibes for some serious jangle. Like, Twerps kinda jangle, but mixed in with vocals that cough and splutter just after a bong hit. ‘Day Release’ manages to be harsh and smooth at the time, incredibly amateur but professional enough to warrant you to turn your head and peer through the murk and cop a geez. So, Unity Floors are basically the cooler, local version of Yo La Tengo? Yeah. Basically. Whatever man, who gives a fuck about your comparisons.

‘Exotic Goldfish Blues’ comes out on November 15th through Popfrenzy!


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