New: Mere Women-Hands & Face (free download)

ANOTHER Sydney band today! For those at home, that’s TWO Sydney band’s to be posted on the website in ONE day! Because this isn’t fucking Sesame Street, and I can’t be fucked to hold down the shift key anymore, it’s time to move onto the song, which is ‘Hands & Face’ by post-punks Mere Women.

Mere Women are a very, how do you say, Blackwire Records kind of band, in that the majority of their music appeals to the music fan who’s into the weirder, niche spectrum of shit, and would rather perform self-circumcision than listen to a 2 Chainz track. Of course, that’s a generalisation, but you get the idea: Mere Women are for the stranger lots of us.

However, their new single ‘Hands & Face’ is a little more delicate, spruced up keys balancing on poisoned waves of guitar and dreamy vocals. Teetering on the brink of passing out, Mere Women show their smoother side on this track, like The Knife crossed with The Native Cats. And it doesn’t sound all that bad. In fact, it sounds fucking great.


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