Video: Atoms for Peace-Before Your Very Eyes

Finally! The best song from Atoms for Peace’s (aka the supergroup of supergroups) debut record has a video clip. The jittery electronica mixing with the sprawled bass line and Thom Yorke’s melancholy vocals all combines into one seriously smooth concoction, and a video to reflect such a masterpiece is not disappointing. It’s like Indiana Jones in Cairo meets a Cadbury Chocolate ad meets a quicksand pit meets Ozymandias, and then it is wrapped up in an acid freak’s worst nightmare. Seriously, ask your best friend that is tripping on some terrible stuff, if they can think of anything worse than multicoloured stalactites crawl down fro the ceiling, as Thom Yorke’s slightly despondant face waxes philosophical, and all they’ll do is scram and scream and scream…


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