New: Witch Hats-Fiction

Like a fucked-up ball of heroin swagger comes Witch Hats, marching in with their deranged tunes guaranteed to get you in all sorts of mental trouble. If you plan on listening to a Witch Hats record and maintaining sanity, well then you have an entirely new thing coming.  If Screaming Tribesman ate out the members of Lubricated Goat mid-nudity performance, the resulting cacaphony would probably sound like Witch Hats at their best.

I’ve been a big fan of these guys for some time, but it has been a while since any new material presented itself. Well, the wait is over, as they have released a compilation of sorts to fund a trip to China, including three new tracks. ‘Fiction’ is one such track, and although it doesn’t pack as much of a wallop as songs like ‘Ma Birthday’, it certainly carries over the Cruella Deville meets Nick Cave vibes that everyone adores. ‘Fiction’ wallows deep in a mirky mire, like the creature from the trash compactor in Star Wars, and just like that monster, it’ll occasionally pop up its head to try and take on a fucking Wookie.

Support one of Australia’s greatest bands by checking out ‘A China Selection’, and their other shit, and maybe buying it if you’re so inclined. If you’re down Melbun way, you should definetely go to The Curtin this Saturday to catch Witch Hats in the flesh, along with East Brunswick All Girls Choir and Footy.



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