New: The Men-Turn Your Color

The Men are one of the most volatile, prolific and unpredictable punk bands of recent history, owning a sound that is teeming with individuality and reeking of sweat, beer and genius. Which is why it comes as no surprise that they have decided to record an album mellower than five day old piss.

‘Turn Your Color’ is a brand new track from their new record (and second release of the year). Man, ‘Turn Your Color’ is just a stunning track, quietly musing in its own wise way, like Willie Nelson humming to himself. Don’t worry, there’s still a dramatic nature to the track, with an overarching chord giving an unsettling piercing to the otherwise completely tranquil track. Another interesting thing the band have done is lose almost any sense of vocals, and the ones that are used are so quick and quiet, you would hardly know they’re there.

This new direction for The Men is more calming than being surrounded by four thousand peaceful elk, and it is safe to say that ‘Campfire Songs’ will be along a similar vein of awesome.


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