Competition: Budweiser People’s Choice Award

In ten days (October 27th), submissions will close for one of the most epic sagas of human history. Yes, this will be more epic than Ron Burgundy narrating all three original movies of Star Wars. It will be more bloody than stepping into a shark filled tank whilst smelling of rich sunscreen and tuna. And it will be more rewarding than that time you found 50 cents on the ground and bought a nice pile of nachos.

That’s right, Budweiser is looking for the best Australian producers and DJ’s, the kind of dedicated musicians that refuse to go outside because of all the knob-tweaking they’re doing in their rooms. The prize for winning the contest of who can blow the most bass out of their speakers, and still make it sound amazing, is truly flooring. The winner will receive a $5,000 DJ Warehouse voucher and exclusive studio time that will lead to a limited edition vinyl pressing of the producer’s own record….that shit is bananas.

HOWEVER, there is a catch, and by the testicles of Poseidon is it an unruly one. You, the producer, will be at the mercy of your peers, the national voting community. The average citizen will be perusing the contenders, and picking the best of the best, the cream of the crop, another cliche, for that ultimate prize. As a voter, Budweiser is also going to chuck in a little smiling encouragement in the form of having the chance to win VIP access to the AIMA’s (Australian Independent Music Awards) in Sydney, with three mates and five star accommodation. And if you don’t live in the greatest city on Earth, don’t even worry about it, Budweiser will fly you there! Pretty reckless, if I don’t say so myself!

For those of you who are keen to get started right now, and earn your place in EDM history, go to this link here, and post your track for free. Then just wait, hope, pray for that moment in which you ascend to electronic music heaven, where Fatboy Slim is god and Skrillex doesn’t exist.

*Voting doesn’t start October 28, so hold your horses, or whatever your preferred idiom for being patient is, until then.


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