Album Review: Day Ravies-Tussle


I guarantee, there is no band that you will hear this year that portrays their influences so clearly, and yet are completely individual, more so than Day Ravies. I mean, there’s the really subtle nod to The Kinks in their name, but beyond that, there’s just about a sliver of every kind of cool movement that’s happened in the last half-century in their music. There’s some twee-pop, some punk flair and a little college rock/slacker nonchalance. There’s definitive lo-fi mastery, some psychedelic swirls and noisy garage nosing its way throughout. Oh, and there are driplets of dream-pop and shoegaze plateaus aplenty. Basically, name a genre, something that you followed for a minimum of six months in an effort to impress a member of the opposite sex that you happened to see a lot of at (insert obscure genre) concerts. Then apply that genre to Day Ravies. Seriously, just chuck into the melting pot without a second thought, because you will find it there without a doubt.

Listening to Day Ravies is like capturing a tiny little ball of energy and watching it swarm and flitter inside, kinda like if Pokeballs were real. It’s so small, you want to call it cute, but if you did, it would devour your entire soul. Yep, Day Ravies have a bite to them that initially seems unnatural to their dozy, dream weaving music that speaks to you, but then again, so did sirens. And those mother fuckers ate sailors, like, all the time! So, Day Ravies are the 21st Century, Sydney based sirens, is what I’m trying to say?

Well, yeah, sort of. They might not use your sphenoid bone (look it up, that’s a real fucking bone) to pick your rotting flesh out of their teeth, but they will infect your head with gloriously drugged out tunes that trample any desire you had to listen to another band, for a while at least. Again, the accumulation of influences is so glorious, you can’t help but sit back in slack-jawed wonder at it all. Listening to ‘Tussle’ is like Belle & Sebastian, The Jesus & Mary Chain, and Yo La Tengo went to Kim Gordon’s house for a birthday bash for Sebadoh. If that doesn’t sound like the greatest fucking party of all time, then you are living possibly the saddest existence known to man, maybe besides Prometheus (the mythical Greek figure, not the fuckwad of a movie that shat all over the Alien franchise).

To be blunt, ‘Tussle’ just puts its fingers in every cool honeypot in town, but Day Ravies do it so naturally and subtly, that you’d think you’re just listening to a ‘best-of-everything-ever’ compilation. The gorgeous My Bloody Valentine-ism’s of ‘Double Act’ , who’s whispered sweet nothings will drive you insane, and ‘Pinky’, with its Superman-strong bass line and college rock stoner attitude becoming a standout on the album. Then there is the obviously stunning ‘I Don’t Mind’, a song which is like seeing a one true love for the first time, and being engaged with overwhelming love and a total lack of self-confidence that you deserve to witness something so great. Okay, so that may be the sappiest thing ever written, ever…but goddamn if ‘I Don’t Mind’ isn’t such a fucking great song that I can’t pour my blubbery emotions all over it and still not ruin its gorgeous nature.

The tracks I’ve just listed are just a small summary of the greatness of this album. But I will re-iterate one more fucking time: no two songs give off the same vibe, and that is the most beautifully diverse thing a music fan can ask for. At least, it’s far more diverse than those posters for shitty universities, with a white guy, a black guy, and an Asian guy, and a couple girls, so the university can say ‘HEY, WE’RE COOL WITH NOT-WHITE, MIDDLE CLASS PEOPLE’. But going back to the album, ‘Tussle’ integrates noise, weirdness, intricacy, and the obtuse, all rolled into one record of awesome. That is a reason for celebration people! Day Ravies have created a masterful work! ‘Tussle’ rules harder than a cage match between breakfast cereal mascots, and the band have asserted what every stoned kitchen assistant knows: if one has the best ingredients at their disposal, then the greatest recipe of all time is just a few kitchen experiments away. ‘Tussle’ is that great recipe.

‘Tussle’ came out on Friday, 11th of October through Popfrenzy, so you can buy it from Popfrenzy’s website here. However, if you’re more into the streaming thing, you can listen to ‘Tussle’ on Day Ravies’ Bandcamp here, along with their previous EP (the latter is name-your-price yayayay). If you’re more into the whole ‘I don’t believe in Bandcamp’ thing (a stereotype I have yet to meet), the you can grab a few tracks for free from their Triple J Unearthed Page here, including the amazing single ‘I Don’t Mind’.

Finally, Day Ravies will be officially launching the record at the Red Rattler Theatre in Marrickville on November 22. Fucking be there.


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