Album Review: The Sinking Teeth-White Water EP


DO YOU LIKE REFUSED!?! Well, because I’m getting cramps in my fingers from holding down the shift key, and also because I’d rather talk about The Sinking Teeth, who sound like Refused, but are not Refused, I will now make a seamless transition into the album review….

…The Sinking Teeth are a Melbourne based punk/post-hardcore band with roots in old school emo (think more Dischord/Rites of Spring, rather than My Chemical Romance). However, they also carry a bit of that underground post-hardcore with them, in a similar vein to greats like Home Town Hero, Thrice, Balance & Composure, or Shmunks For You. Let it be known, that these are all awesome points of reference. If you’re a band that likes to scream into the mic and thrash the guitar, you can’t really go wrong with those sorts of band being picked up in your sound.

NOW! Onto the main attraction! ‘White Water’ is The Sinking Teeth’s debut EP, and for it to sound as good, if not better than a Polar Bear Club record (one of the best post-hardcore bands, ever), well that’s a fucking accomplishment and a half. Sure, the opener ‘The Sexy Mates’ leaves a little to be desired, but the rest of the EP is absolutely fucking killer, shredding hearts and minds alike with strong songwriting and riffs that pulverise the senses.

‘Dead Breeze’ is like a lost The Used track, only its not completely shit. In fact, its the opposite, as The Sinking Teeth provide a juicy and succulent track that goes all Alien at a couple points, sturdy shouting bursting forth from the unsuspecting chests of the band. After a shredder of a track, the EP moves into ‘Tongues’, a brooding, broiling track that ebbs away like fiery coals ready to cook the shit out of your music-loving brain. Remember those badass tunes that Chevelle used to throw out that would consistently push into the barrier of your brain, swelling but never reaching bursting point, and in effect, causing your eyes to pop out of your brain in anticipation and lust? Well, that’s basically the effect of ‘Tongues’.

Once your eyeballs have receded back into their respective parapets, get ready to get sweaty, as all hell breaks loose on ‘White Water’. As the title would suggest, this song is riding on the rapids of a bass line with more anarchy than Kenny Loggins’ ‘Danger Zone’ x 10000. That’s right, the filth and fury that is spat out in every aspect of this song is wretched and beautiful, and once it hits the chorus…well, let’s just say that this song is more pre-disposed to awesome circle pits than your average Alexisonfire anthem. Once the haze and viciousness has cleared, its onto ‘Temporary Living’, a song that continues the theme of badass and (dare I say it) catchy choruses that will blow up in your head all day long.

To conclude, The Sinking Teeth have put out a bombastic effort to say the least, something that definitely rises to the higher ranks of their scene. It would not be surprising in the slightest to see this three piece go onto much bigger things.

If you’re keen to ‘sink your teeth’ (god, I am GOOD) into more of The Sinking Teeth, then you can head to their Triple J Unearthed Page, and grab ‘Temporary Living’ for free.

Also, I caught about half of these guys’ set when they were playing support for Calling All Cars in Sydney the other night, and they put on a hell of a live show, taking the already visceral nature of their songs, and transforming them to ear-shattering masterpieces. They are a must see live band. Now, although there aren’t any dates right now, considering the EP was just released, it doesn’t take Sherlock to figure out that these guys will be playing a pub near you soon, and that you should definitely be there.


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