Video: Bright Young People-Liberties

The debut single from English band Bright Young People has raised the bar exponentially in terms of what the average music purchaser can expect from a debut single. ‘Liberties’ combines all the right types of shit to create the perfect rock n roll song. There’s the super old school Iggy Pop vibes coming through, before he got New Wave, and then there’s a wholesome, scuzzed out atmosphere that’s equal bits New York Dolls, Television, The Cramps and Wire. ‘Liberties’ drips with dancing potential, something that comes on, and instantly the whole room stoops into a weird, primal boogie. This song is totally engaged in being amazing.

P.S You know who’s a fan of Bright Young People? Motherfucking Ian McCulloch, from Echo & the Bunnymen. Let that sink in for a second, then go try and make a debut single that sounds half as good as this song.


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