New: Fractures-Cadence

A lot of people will be able to relate to this next metaphor due to the illogical heat of yesterday in Sydney. You know, when it’s a really hot day, and the sun is just shitting UV rays all over your burnt crisp skin, and then you jump into a freezing cold pool? Every little atom in your body seizes up, and your brain goes into shock…but it’s all good, because you’ve been cocooned in this little body of liquid safety. Well, that’s the effect of the new single ‘Cadence’ by Fractures, a Melbourne based producer who you probably know through his song ‘Twisted’. ‘Cadence’ swaps out the shuffling electronica of ‘Twisted’ for a much fuller and holy sound. The best thing about this song is how it’s able to naturally unfold, like a gas covering every corner of the room (Yeah HSC Study!). Simply beautiful song.


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