Video: Darren Sylvester-Don’t Do That To Yourself

Yep, nothing weird at all about an unmoving woman bathed in a red light. Then again the macabre has always fitted Darren Sylvester. Icy to the point of genital-shrinking, Darren Sylvester is back with a new single from his just released record ‘Off By Heart’. Watching this clip is like watching the 80’s in motion. Over-the-top romantic thrusts of vocal passion on top of guitars-dipped-in-goth and keys that are sprinkled all over like a drunk fairy shitting pixie dust, Darren Sylvester is on top of his game with this song and clip.It’s all just unadulterated synth goodness, and by the end of it, if you aren’t running to get in line and kiss Mr. Sylvester’s hand, well, then there is something very wrong with you my friend.


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