New: White Summer-Head in the Sand

The desert rock cowboy swagger is brought to full light on this absolutely jaw-dropping track from the band White Summer. Having previously never heard their music before, I was expecting something electro-pop or something, something that reflected a white beach up in the Whitsundays. Instead, we’re given a swashbuckling, dirt-stained, haggard tune. ‘Head in the Sand’ immediately captures attention with a stomping bass riff and a noodling six-shooter of guitar riff pops up. The cowboy-dun-wrong vocals pour over you like honey, until OH SHIT, you’re being smothered strongly by a brutal chorus. Seriously, the strength of the vocals in that chorus is reminscent of some of the more gravel-voiced grungers of olde, like Layne Staley or Chris Cornell. A bucking solo and the swamp-stomp bass riff sees out ‘Head in the Sand’, and by the time its over, you’ll be satisfied that you got to listen to a decent song, instead of electro-pop.

You can pick up the track for free, as well as a bunch of others, at White Summer’s Triple J Unearthed Page.


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