Video: HUNTERS-Narcissist

Hands down, one of the best punk songs to come out all year, and its been matched with one of the the best videos of the year as well. HUNTERS are a band from New York, a place that has an exceptional punk scene going on as of late. HUNTERS are just a part of a scene that includes BIG UPS, Total Slacker and Vulture Shit amongst others. Anyway, HUNTERS were always at the back of my mind, but now they’ve come out with this gem of a track that is guaranteed to go all George A. Romero on you, and cannibalise you. ‘Narcissist’ lurches into full gear from the very start, and doesn’t loosen its grasp until you are well and truly gasping for air.

The clip is another story altogether, featuring a whole bunch of colourful characters. There’s the ‘rowdy teenagers’, a bunch of kids who beat the shit out of a car whilst ’21st Century Romeo and Juliet’ make out inside of it. There’s ‘Cornrows’, a kid who’s just fucking angry the whole time, and then, of course, there’s ‘Boris’, an Eastern European gangster that is probably a serial killer. Like, 90% sure. There’s no way that dude could swing the axe like that unless he’d used it to cut through bones before.

From start to finish, ‘Narcissist’ is such a fucking badass song. It’s got a chorus that implodes like a thousand land mines going off in your brain, and musically, it’s like a buzz-saw chewing up your body. The whole thing reeks of pure genius.


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