Video: Angie-Parallels

Imagine if Gwen Stefani dropped between 100-200 hits of acid, together. Just got a few sheets of acid, scrunched them up and threw them down her gullet, no water, no nothing. What would the result be? This video. This video would be the result. The ‘this’ in question is the video from Sydney based punk-queen Angie Bermuda, a woman who’s been in a shitload of everyone’s favourite bands. Straight Arrows, Circle Pit and Ruined Fortune are just a couple of the bands on her resume, all of which rule harder than Hyrule.

However, Angie has decided to strike out on her own, armed only with Nathan Roche and Owen Penglis for some instrumental/vocal help. And a couple days ago, Angie dropped this first single. Well, if ‘Parallels’ is any sort of indication, then ‘Turning’ is going to be better than riding Wolverine to school. Scuzzed out, scummy, and drowning in bright colour, ‘Parallels’ is like something Kim Gordon would have churned out back in the days when Sonic Youth were at their loudest and best (Think ‘Confusion is Sex’).

You can catch Angie playing support for Bushwalking’s album launch at the Red Rattler, this Friday (11th October). Both bands, as well as Eyelash Vipers and Rat Columns, will blow your fucking mind harder than a telekinetic pornstar.


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