New: Zombie Psychologist- The Immaculate Collection

There is no fucking way that I will be able to spell Psychologist again correctly, without mistyping once, so from now on Zombie Psychologist will be known as ZP. ZP is the solo project of David Freudenstein, (ZOMBIE! P….logist! GET IT!? COS FREUD’S DEAD) a guy that you probably know in one form or another. He’s been involved with Wizard Oz (<3), Grand Prismatic, Penguins and Big Tobacco. However, in solo form, Mr. Freudenstein is at his most weird and wonderful.

The track posted above, ‘Driving Me Backwards’ is probably the highlight of the album, but that’s only because its fucking Eno man. Dude’s a legend. Unless there was a Zappa cover or something, this song was going to be the highlight. But the rest of the album provides plenty of sweet spots as well. ‘420’ collides a bunch of synths and shit together to form something that could play before an 80’s montage from a romantic comedy (Swayze realises who he’s really meant to be in love with, gets in his pickup and speeds down the freeway to get his girl). There’s also ‘Finger Pulse’ a truly heavenly track that sways like…well Swayze in ‘Dirty Dancing’ (killing it with the Swayze references tonight). Then there’s the genuinely flooring ‘Caught In the Rain’, a beautiful, misty track that gets your eyes all wet. Since we’re going with the Swayze references here, ‘Caught in the Rain’ sees ZP as that scene in ‘Point Break’ where Keanu Reeves lets P. Swayze ride his final wave down in Byron Bay, even though Swayze will, like, totally die.

Overall, mad and rad release from ZP. It jumps all over the place, but ‘The Immaculate Collection’ is centred in delivering good vibes and weird as fuck sounds. It all combines for some delicious listening, like a mango mixed with chocolate cake and fairy floss. What I’m trying to say is this album has a lot of calories (HA HA, ARE YOU LAUGHING AT MY JOKE!?)

‘The Immaculate Collection’ will be available on cassette/digital download tomorrow, October 10th, and if you’re down in Melbourne, you can catch the launch at the Tote that night.


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