New: OFF!-What’s Next

For OFF!, the supergroup made up from members of Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Red Kross, Hot Snakes and a myriad of others, it’s business as usual. Thrash really fucking hard. Scream and snarl into the microphone, making snide political observations. Bellow during the chorus. Make ears bleed. You know, the usual OFF! shenanigans. ‘What’s Next’ is particularly brutal, with Keith Morris chastising ‘What now? What’s next? Who’s gonna save your world? Plan B doesn’t exist!’. Man, that’s probably more hard hitting than a steel-plated rhinoceros charging you down. But OFF! save the best for an absolutely brutal breakdown, on which everything is turned to 11, and earthquakes begin to form in brains. When those instruments start to quail at their absolute most hardcore levels, you’ll be able to feel it penetrating you from every side. Absolutely brilliant punk track!


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