New: Boomgates-Widow Maker

Fuck yeah, if new Boomgates doesn’t make your morning, then there is no hope for you. Boomgates, the anti-supergroup, have just put out the first bit of new material, and it’s appropriately titled ‘Widow Maker’. No, its not some Mad Max Thunderdome dune buggy covered in metal spikes, nor is it a doom metal masterpiece. Instead its the usual Boomgates affair. Breezy like going commando in gale force winds, looser than a rugby superstar post-successful grand-final, and more infectious than any disease found in the basin of the Amazon rainforest. ‘Widow Maker’, like every Boomgates track, carries an everyday beauty with it, something that will make the average Joe turn their head a full 180-degrees, and do a comical scrabble to marry this song, logical fallacies be damned!


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