Video: Savages-Husbands

I feel kind of awkward writing about Savages. They’re on of the most genuine female bands to exist since L7 and Sleater-Kinney, and I’m, well, a douchebag. However, they are too good to not share. True to their name, Savages play a brand of post-punk that scrapes into your conscious with alarming noise, announcing it’s arrival (and intention to infect your brain for as long as possible) with screeching guitars, banshee vocals and spine-tingling bass. The video for their latest single ‘Husbands’ is as attacking as anything on their jaw-droppingly amazing debut record. Black and white, with a big ol’ homage to Alfred ‘Master of the Thriller’ Hitchcock. Watching this video, it takes me back to being scared shitless during the original Willy Wonka, when the kids are going through the tunnel of horrors, and all those massive bugs freak them the fuck out. You’re guaranteed to have the same reaction of ‘I’m too young to be watching monsters attack me from a screen’ when watching the ‘Husbands’ clip.

You can thank Savages for the nightmares in person when they tour Laneway next year.


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