Video: Dinosaur Pile-Up-Peninsula

For those that take a listen to this, and scoff to their horn-rimmed glasses hipster friends ‘Huh-what a middle of the road rock song’… go take the 10 foot long pole out of your arsehole, step away from your MacBook Air, and wake up to the fucking greatness of Dinosaur Pile-Up. They live up to their name, with a crushing addictive sound. The clip for ‘Peninsula’ is your average go-to tour clip that says ‘we party, but we also are really serious about our career’. But that can slide, because ‘Peninsula itself fucking rocks. It is really, really good, a rock song that the world needs. It’s been a couple months since there was a good rock song that could be played on the radio without one’s face exploding in disgust. But since ‘Peninsula’ came out, the average radio listener can think less about spontaneous combustion, and more about the fact that Dinosaur Pile-Up are a heapz dezent band.


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